Diversity, equity and inclusion

RICS is committed to being an inclusive global employer and membership body where everyone feels a sense of belonging and has equal opportunity to thrive.

We are working to deliver change towards a more inclusive profession as thousands of people across the globe join every year to realise their potential and deliver a positive social impact.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are top priorities as we continually strive to recruit, retain and promote diverse talent reflective of the communities we serve.

Given the breadth of expertise in the only profession that works across every element of the building lifecycle, we must seize every opportunity to be bold and challenge traditional assumptions and thinking around diversity, equity and inclusion to create a modern vision of what this means, not just for today, but for tomorrow.

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Why and how we champion diversity

You can read many articles and case studies on the various diversity, equity and inclusion topics below, which discuss how and why we must champion diversity in the profession.


Women in the profession







Race in the workplace






Mental health