Institution governance

The governance structure from which we will transition post-Bichard RICS Review, has comprised governance bodies, the Executive Team and Presidential Team, who worked together to set and execute our strategy to create confidence in markets and effect positive change in the built and natural environments.

In his report, Michael Bichard made the case for change to our governance approach, with a view to ‘creating a clear and accountable governance structure’. The specific changes to governance, which will see decision making placed with members, include a reformed Governing Council with responsibility for setting the strategy and overseeing the work of the new RICS Board.

The RICS Board will be responsible for delivering the strategy and business plan as well as overseeing operational performance.  The Commercial Committee; Nominations and Remuneration Committee; Audit, Risk Assurance and Finance Committee; Knowledge and Practice Committee; and Member Services Committee will all report into the RICS Board and their Chairs will form part of the Board’s composition.

Our current governance structure

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RICS proposed governance

Our proposed governance structure

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Bichard RICS Governance Structure (002)

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