Chair of RICS Board

As a globally recognised professional body, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is designed to effect positive change for the public advantage in the built and natural environments. Through our respected global standards, leading professional progression and trusted data and insight, our work provides a foundation for confident markets, pioneers better places to live and work, and is a force for positive social impact as together, we seek to address a range of challenges relating to climate change, sustainability, skills and inclusion.

RICS is now at a critical juncture following the Bichard Review. The past 18 months have been challenging, but we emerge clearer about our purpose, governance and strategy, confident that we have a bright future ahead of us. We appreciate that the leaders we appoint at this time will be critical to our future success as we seek to re-establish the RICS as a pre-eminent body in its field, restoring member and stakeholder confidence and re-energising employees.

Reporting to Governing Council, you will play a critical role in your capacity as Chair of the RICS Board , with a role to provide oversight, challenge and support to our new Director General and their Executive Team as they embark on a widespread transformation of our organisation. Whilst it is imperative that we deliver on the commitments outlined in the Bichard Review, success in our endeavours will result from long term sustainable business change; not only developing the right capabilities and culture in support of relevance and performance, but as importantly embedding our refreshed purpose and member-led approach at all levels.

It is a prerequisite that you are an RICS member to carry out this key role. Personally invested in the profession we serve and the issues we care about, your understanding of the context in which we are operating following the Levitt and Bichard reviews, coupled with substantial governance experience gained as either a board or committee chair, will ensure that we move forward with pace and impact. Bringing your own track record of business change and improvement, you will be credible and well placed to support activity and agility, as we adjust to an ever-changing global context.

We are looking for a leader with vision, capability and energy to take RICS forward in this next phase of our rich history, as we learn from our past to reshape our future. There’s never been a better or more important time to join us, and we look forward to hearing from you.