1. Do I have to be a member of RICS to apply for this role?

Yes, you must be a current member of RICS to apply. You will be asked to provide your membership number when you apply.

2. Is there an upper age limit?


3. Can I apply for a role if I currently hold a board or committee position with RICS?

Yes, but you would need to step down from that position to take up this role.

4. If I have been the subject of an RICS disciplinary process, am I eligible to apply?

Due diligence checks will be undertaken on all candidates, which may result in the panel disqualifying candidates with infractions.

5. What will the time commitment be for the appointment?

The Chair will need to commit 60 days per year (although more time is anticipated to be required in the first year as the transformation programme is developed). For full details of how the time is broken down, please refer to the Terms of Appointment section of the Role Description.

6. What are the dates of the 2023 Board Meetings?

To be determined.

7. How much travel is involved?

It is envisaged that you will be required to attend Board meetings which will be held remotely or at RICS offices in London or Birmingham, UK,  together with additional ad-hoc meetings, attendance at Governing Council meetings and engagement with senior executives within the Institution and external stakeholder which could be remote or in person. You will be eligible to claim the costs of travel and subsistence  necessary to attend meetings when required for RICS business.

8. Is this a fixed term appointment?

This appointment is offered on a term of three years with scope to be reappointed for an additional three years up to a maximum of six in total.

9. Is the role remunerated?

The Chair will receive a fee of £80,000 per annum.

10. Who will make the appointments decision?

A selection panel comprising: Clement Lau, Isobel O’Regan, Andy Martin, Gaynor Warren-Wright (RICS Members) and Harriet Kemp, Gillian Stamp and Marta Philips (Non-Members) will be responsible for making the decision on the appointment of the Chair of RICS Board role, which will be confirmed by the Nominations and Remuneration Committee.